The Isle Of Wight Book Awards

The object of the Awards is to encourage the writing, reading and publishing of books about the Isle of Wight; to draw attention to the beauty and glories and heritage of the Isle of Wight; to reward and praise authors, many of whom will perhaps never have produced a book before.

Rules & Information
For the first time ever, the Isle of Wight is going to have its own Book Awards


No mission statement-just that this is meant to be an amusing, interesting, uplifting, encouraging project to help put the island on the national map, to encourage people on the island to write their own books, and possibly self publish them, and to recognise their efforts and reward them, in some small if rather humble way...


There are Three Categories of awards to enter:




The books can be self published or published by professional publisher. It does not matter. As long as it has been printed. Online books, alas, are not allowed. The judges with their elderly eyes are not up to all that.

If you think you have a book in you, start writing – NOW!

Whether it is about your school days, your family, your village, your garden, your boat, your club, your interests and collection, the history of your church, as well as novels or children's books of any sort, about any periods.

The books can be novels, non fiction, memoirs, poetry, guide books, picture books, children's books- anything really, as long as the contents are in some part connected with the Isle of Wight

The authors can be living anywhere, not necessarily on the Isle of Wight, and can be dead, alive or middling.

The books can be hard backs, paper backs, or even well produced booklets.

Entries must be in by 5th March 2022

For this first year only, in 2022, entries will be allowed for any book published about the IOW in the last 5 years.

In the future, the awards will be given annually for books published in the previous year.


All short listers from each of the 3 categories get a certificate and a warm glow

The winners from each of the 3 categories get £100.

There will also be an overall winner of the IOW Book of the Year.